Looking for sponsors who are interested
in spending money on this scientific project.

To Whom?

Andreas Krüger is a (mathematical) physics student in University of Bielefeld, Germany 
- about to finish his diploma. So no income up to now.

Why ?

I have been working for free (on the 27.2.2002 there was a total of 165 hours of programming, on the launch day 3.6.2002 already 470 hours!); it was time-critical to finish the launchable version, so I didn't really care and just cut my expenses - but in the long run, this won't be possible anymore.

What can you do?

I don't know. 
If you see a good solution for my problem, 
please contact me at cye-sponsors__at__AndreasKrueger__dot__de

What could you do right now?

Right now you can directly send money over the Internet
using the secure PayPal service that I have set up for this project.
Just click the DONATE button - any amount of money will be appreciated!

What is your benefit if you donate money?

Tell me about your donation, if you want to be named in the "Hall Of Fame" on this website for your donation.

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